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Common errors > locate  verb, transitive

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Incorrect or non-standard usage, overuse etc.

My office is locate in Central. (spoken)

The problem

(1) The form, 'something is located in a particular place' is used in formal written English:

The hotel is located in the heart of Hong Kong's central business district, a short walk from banks, department stores....
(From a hotel brochure).

This sounds strange in spoken English.

(2) There is often a mispronunciation here as well. The verb locate is normally used in the present passive, so the participle located is required.

Standard English

(1) When speaking, we would simply say:
My office is in Central.

(2) The pronunciation of located (three syllables) should be quite distinct from locate (two syllables). This is true of all regular past endings when the last sound of the verb stem is /t/ or /d/.

NB: Other examples that follow this pronunciation rule are 'want' (one syllable) and 'wanted' (two syllables); 'decide' (two syllables) and 'decided' (three syllables); 'invite' (two syllables) and 'invited' (three syllables).

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