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Common errors > job nature  noun phrase

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Incorrect or non-standard usage, overuse etc.

What is your job nature?

The problem

Job nature is usually found only in documents, typically as a heading on a printed form such as an application form. It sounds odd to say it.

job duties is similar - 'What are your job duties?' sounds rather odd.

Standard English

To ask or give details about the actual duties and responsibilities a person has, in spoken English the following are commonly used:

What does your job involve?
What exactly do you do?
My job involves meeting clients and explaining our services.

This is quite useful language these days in an age of corporate job titles that are often far from clear.

'I'm a regional resource co-ordination supervisor'
'I see! And what does that involve, exactly?
'Er...nothing much. Sitting in the office and avoiding the boss, mostly.'

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