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Common errors > bring  verb, transitive

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Incorrect or non-standard usage, overuse etc.

Please bring your litter home
(Sign commonly found in Hong Kong country parks).

The problem

Confusion of the words 'bring' and 'take' for moving or carrying something from one place to another.

This is used when something is moved or carried towards the speaker:

Could you bring me that book?

This is to move or carry something in any direction and does not suggest movement towards the speaker.


Remember to bring your dictionaries next week.
- Teacher to students.

You'll need to bring waterproof clothing as it often rains on the mountain.
- Group leader to hikers talking about a forthcoming hike.

Could you bring some food?
- Host to party guest talking about a forthcoming party.

I'm going to take a cake to the party.
- One guest talking to another guest about a forthcoming party.

It's raining so you'd better take an umbrella.
- Two people at home.

Standard English

Please take your litter home.

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