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Hong Kong English quiz No 1

This quiz tests your knowledge of natural language (British English). Note, some of the answer choices are grammatically correct but not very commonly used or not natural.

For more information on the correct answers click here

1  I was late for work this morning and my boss _______________ me.
 had a go at
2  I usually have tea and ______________ for breakfast
 a bun or pastry
 a bread
3  Which of the following is correct?
 Please bring your litter home
 Please bring your litter to home
 Please take your litter home
 Please take your litter to home
4  Dear Mr Smith, I refer to the____________________ order
5  I always _________________ my boyfriend on Sundays
 have a meeting with
6  Do you have those trousers___________________________ ?
 in green
 in green colour
 in the green colour
 with green colour
7  Which is most natural?
_______________________ are pleased to announce the arrival of an exciting new product from Japan.
 Our compnay
 My company
8  I would like to invite you for ________________________________ next week.
 a dinner
 a delicious dinner
 a luxurious dinner
9  You want to suggest going for a non-alcoholic drink. Which do you say?
 Shall we go for a drink?
 Shall we get something to drink?
 Shall we go drinking?
 I would like to invite you for drinking
10  She pays a lot of attention to her
 look like