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You can find the following information and features on your class page:

Lesson summary
A brief summary of the most recent lesson.

Any homework that was set in the lesson.

Handouts and online material
Links to available handouts from the last lesson and related online material.

Click 'Add' to add the handout or online resource to your personal list. (To access your personal lists, click the yellow file icon at the top right of the page for handouts, and the blue computer screen icon for online resources such as quizzes and notes. If you save links to reading or listening material, you can access these by clicking the white 'Sk' icon.)

You can find lists of all the handouts and online resources that have been uploaded so far under 'Class resources' (on the right of the standard web page or near the bottom of the mobile web page).

Any new vocabulary from the most recent lesson is listed after the handouts and online material. Direct links are provided to the MacMillan (Mac or Mc) and Cambridge (Cam or Cm) online dictionaries.

These dictionaries are intended for students of English and contain clear, simple explanations, audio and IPA symbols.

There are also links to (Dic or Dc) and Wiktionary (Wik or Wk). These are good online dictionaries intended for native speakers.

Look under 'Class Resources' for a list of all the vocabulary items that have been added to your course so far.

Click 'Add' to add a word to your personal list. You can access your personal list by clicking the 'V' icon at the top right of the page.

Printable vocabulary study sheets
You can make a printable vocabulary study sheet for any vocabulary items listed on the class page or in the reading articles. Click the link, 'Create printer-friendly study sheet'. (These links appear at the top of class page vocabulary lists and at the top of your personal vocabulary list. They also appear at the bottom of vocabulary lists after reading articles.)

The vocabulary list will appear with checkboxes next to the words. Check all the words you want to add to your printable study sheet and click 'submit'.

A study sheet will be generated. For each word, there are spaces for you to write notes on the meaning, add any collocations, include a translation into your own language, and write some examples. You can also circle the words that best indicate the register: formal / neutral / informal; spoken / written.

Message Board
Post your questions about the English language or your course here.