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Dr Grammar

lunch as a verb

Posted by ming   2 Jun 2013 4 27 pm

Dear Alex,

Hi. Long time no see. I have a question about the word "lunch".

I had lunch with Mary yesterday, can I say "I lunched with Mary yesterday"? Dictionary suggested that "lunch" can be used as a verb, but it seems to me that it is uncommon. Do you mind telling me if "lunch" as a verb is common or just a colloquial word?
And which one is better: "I lunched with Mary yesterday" or "I had lunch with Mary yesterday"?




Posted by alex stringer   3 Jun 2013 10 55 am

Hi Ming,

Good to hear from you. Yes, you can use 'lunch' as a verb in the same way as you can use 'dine' for having dinner. You are right, it isn't very common. Slightly old-fashioned and formal, I would say, rather than colloquial.

I suggest you use 'I had lunch with Mary'.



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