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Dr Grammar

How amazing (is it)/(it is)!

Posted by peter   6 Nov 2013 12 50 am

Hi Alex,

Would you please share with us which of the following expressions is better used for expressing the feeling of excitement?

1.) How amazing is it!
2.) How amazing it is!

I am always confused with the position of the verb in this or similar case. Many Thanks!


Posted by alex stringer   6 Nov 2013 5 23 pm

Hi Peter

The first example can't be used as an exclamation. This is the word order for a question.
The pattern: How + adjective + subject + clause is sometimes used for short exclamations:.

How beautiful this is!
How silly you are!
How clever we are!

It can be used in longer sentences too:

She can't realize how silly she sounds.
‘How silly this all is!’ said Izzy impatiently.
You see how clever Stapleton was.
We all know how beautiful and soft a sheepskin rug can be.


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