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future [simple vs continuous]

Posted by peter   15 Nov 2013 2 42 pm

Hi Alex,

I've got another short question.

In what way or under what situation, simple future (will) and future continuous (will be -ing) are interchangeable?

Is it a good example:
I'll work tomorrow.
I'll be working tomorrow.

I just can't think of a good example... or in no way they mean exactly the same?

Great Thanks,

Posted by alex stringer   18 Nov 2013 3 02 pm

Hi Peter

Future simple and future continuous are not often interchangeable.Remember, the simple future is normally used for predictions, spontaneous decisions, offers etc. The future continuous is used for definite actions that will be in progress, will continue over a period of time, or are expected definitely to happen at some time during a future time period. It is sometimes interchangeable with be+going to or present continuous.

I'll give (offer) David your message - I'm seeing him tomorrow (arrangement) / I'll be seeing him tomorrow (will definitely see him at some time tomorrow / I'm going to see him tomorrow (intention or even strong prediction based on evidence).

Are you coming to the party / Are you coming to the party? / Will you be coming to the party? But not, Will you come to the party? (If you were asking for a prediction, Do you think you'll come to the party?

Posted by peter   18 Nov 2013 3 06 pm

Got it clearly now, Alex. Many thanks!

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