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Dr Grammar

is gone VS has gone

Posted by peter   20 Dec 2013 10 26 am

Hi Alex,

Please read this situation:

Peter's wife is catching him because he has taken something valuable from her.
Peter then hides somewhere.
After a while, his wife cannot find him. She left.
And Peter asks somebody "is she gone?"

Should we use "has she gone?"
May I know what the differences are between them?

Many Thanks.

Posted by alex stringer   20 Dec 2013 1 43 pm

Hi Peter

First of all, not 'catching him' - looking for him perhaps, or, chasing him.

'Gone' can be an adjective, so it's possible. When someone says somebody or something has / is gone,
it's not usually clear which one in a statement because of the contraction: he's / she's / it's gone. However, it doesn't matter as the meaning is usually the same.


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