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Dr Grammar


Posted by Olwen   22 Feb 2014 7 57 pm

Hi Alex,

Another query here, please.

Does the word "mentioned" in the sentence below sound a bit "old-fashioned" in today's English? Any other comments, please.

"As mentioned in my email of xxxx, we will bear the hotel expenses to be incurred by Mr. X during the period March 3 - 7, 2014."

Thanks again,

Posted by alex stringer   24 Feb 2014 2 40 pm


'As I mentioned' or 'As I said'. 'Mentioned' is not old-fashioned, but if you mentioned something, you should make it clear.

...the hotel expenses to be incurred by Mr. X ...

Posted by Olwen   13 Mar 2014 11 26 pm

Alex, thank you very much for clarifying the queries in my two posts.

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