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Dr Grammar

Which course should I choose?

Posted by juliavicky   14 May 2014 11 56 am

Dear Dr Grammar,

Good morning! I am Julia, coming from mainland China. I've studied English in my college of China before and ever tried some courses of General English of level 4&5 in British Council in 2008-09. I took the IELTS exam in January 2012 and got the overall marks 4.5 (Listening: 5, Reading: 5, Writing: 4 and Speaking: 4.5).

I want to learn more vocabulary and improve my speaking/listening/writing skills etc.

I'm planning to find a job in Human Resource.

Could you please advise me which course I should choose now? Thank you!

Posted by alex stringer   17 May 2014 12 44 pm

Dear Julia

As you wish to work on a number of language areas, I would suggest one of our General English courses. These are 90 hours in length and run from October to May or June. There is one three-hour class per week.

Click here for more details.. (The next intake is in October.)

You would need to take an entry test to determine which level is suitable for you. This is a 200-question grammar and listening test that you can take at one of our learning centres. You will find more details on the page linked above.

Should you not wish to commit yourself for a longer course, I would point out some of the short courses we are running over the summer.

Do post again if you have any further questions.

Best regards

Posted by juliavicky   27 May 2014 5 38 pm

Thanks, Alex.

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