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Dr Grammar


Posted by peter   13 Jun 2014 11 54 am

Hi Alex,

Remembered that you've mentioned in class the following website for searching the frequency of a word:

I have tried quite a few links but still have no luck... do you mind please show me the "path" to get in to the right place?

I am searching for the word Pursuant ... one of my colleagues wrote this in email "Pursuant to the meeting on 10June... "

I would like to know if it word is frequently used or not, so I'm searching it.

Many Thanks,
Posted by peter   13 Jun 2014 11 57 am

I have tried

but it doesn't give the result that you showed in class (e.g. top 1000, 2000, 3000...etc)


Posted by alex stringer   13 Jun 2014 1 47 pm

Hi Peter

For single words, used to give a quick ranking for the British National Corpus, but doesn't seem to be working properly at the moment.

I've just found this one - which seems good and gives more detail:
It uses COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English). I'll probably add this to the tools set that I'm planning for space4english.

Tom Cobb's set of vocabprofilers on are really designed for dealing with longer texts and classify the words in a text into a number of colour-coded frequency bands. It does seem you have got the wrong part of the site. Try here:

(This one is for the BNC, but there are other frequency list options)

Have fun.

(Pursuant is pretty low down in word frequency, btw)
Posted by peter   13 Jun 2014 6 01 pm

Hi Alex, works fine for me. I guess the reason why you got problem with it is the web browser version. You may try load the page with IE or Chrome, etc.. and the vocabprofilers on are what I wanted. Big thanks!


Posted by alex stringer   13 Jun 2014 7 56 pm

Glad you got Wordcount to work. I tried the current Chrome and IE 10 this morning. I've had it working before but it's quite temeramental.
The vocabprofilers are more advanced instruments i think.

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