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Dr Grammar

Summer Courses

Posted by Wilson4151Lam   23 Jun 2014 11 58 pm

Dear Alex,
Do you think that the Adanced courses in summer are the preparation courses for Diploma in English?


Posted by alex stringer   25 Jun 2014 10 23 am

Dear Wilson

Courses such as Advanced Grammar and Advanced Speaking and Listening are intended to provide existing students with useful and stimulating revision and extension work over the summer period and to introduce new students to studying English at SPACE.

Although the work covered in these courses would be useful for any student thinking of taking an advanced English course, they are not specifically designed to prepare students for the Diploma in General English course.

Best regards

Posted by Wilson4151Lam   26 Jun 2014 12 01 am

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your advice.

I will see if my working schedule fits the courses or not.


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