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Dr Grammar

"That" in writing / speaking

Posted by kinman   19 Jul 2014 7 58 pm

I am pleased if you could give me a general idea the timing to insert "that" between say two clauses.

Posted by alex stringer   23 Jul 2014 9 26 am

Hi Kinman

Not sure what you mean by 'timing'. If you are asking whether you can leave out the word that, then the answer is usually yes, but not always.

Reported speech, thoughts and feelings.
He said (that) he was going abroad.
I thought (that) I'd already told her.
She felt (that) they'd treated her badly.
You can leave out that in all these examples

Relative clauses
Whether or not you can leave out that depends whether it is the subject of the relative clause:

Have you seen the book (that) I was reading this morning? (You can leave out that as I is the subject of the relative clause.)
I need a book that has good illustrations. (You can't leave out that as it is the subject of the relative clause.)



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