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Dr Grammar

to be + prepositional phrase

Posted by Bouncing Bee   5 Oct 2014 4 15 pm

Dear Grammar,

I have come across a sentence: “ As a person authorized to be in possession of and to supply dangerous drugs under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, she was obliged by reg.5 of the Dangerous Drugs Regulations to keep a register in which true particulars of every quantity of the drugs obtained and supplied by her had to be entered.”

I wonder whether the words "in possession of and to supply" could be changed to “to possess and supply” without distorting the meaning of the original words?

Thank you for your enlightenment.

Bouncing Bee


Posted by alex stringer   6 Oct 2014 3 10 pm

Good afternoon, Bee

Yes, indeed. The original wording is rather clumsy although not 'incorrect' in any way.

And the last part would surely read better as follows:

...she was required to keep a register with details of the precise quantities of drugs she obtained and supplied.

Dr G


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