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English study

Posted by tslinda   5 Dec 2015 1 30 pm

hi, my friend has been taken a English course around 10 years ago, which was 1 teacher for around 20 students (or more), during the class, teacher asked student talk to other student to improve the speaking, but that time, my friend dont like the way to learn English, as both them may not very good at English.

Now, May i have your advise that i would like to take a course, like Dipolma / Translate course.

I would not prefer short course, is there any suggestion for me.

Thanks to advise

Posted by alex stringer   8 Dec 2015 12 31 pm

Dear Linda

Our General English courses such as Diploma in General English last 90 hours. General English courses include vocabulary, grammar and the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. English is the only language used in the classroom and there is a strong emphasis on group and pair work, so students are expected to work together to improve their speaking skills. I think you will find this in any General English course.

There are usually between 20 and 30 students in the class. More details are available on the HKU SPACE online prospectus.

HKU SPACE does run a Post Graduate Diploma in Translation; however the course is not running at the moment. Again, see the prospectus for more details.

Hope this helps

Alex Stringer


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